Read This First
Instruction Letter to Parents OPEN FIRST

To: Parents of children on the autism spectrum
From: Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center of Hammond and Southeastern Louisiana University’s Department of Communication Sciences & Disorders

Dear Parents,
Our goal is to help your child explore and enjoy the Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center. To help achieve this, we have prepared descriptive Social Stories in PowerPoint format, and enhanced them with photographs and video clips. We hope you will use these stories to help your child know what to expect when he/she first visits the center. Here are some comments and suggestions for using the preparation packets:We have created Social Stories to enhance the exhibits that we plan to open on the first Spectrum Discovery Saturday. More stories are in the works for your future visits to the Center.

  • Read each Social Story before showing it to your child. Some have one embedded video clip, and some have none. The video clips typically occur in the last few slides, and you must click on the picture to make it work.
  • Read the Social Stories to your child repeatedly before you visit the Center. The idea is for the child to be as prepared as possible for what he/she will experience. You may want to print the story and make a book so your child can look at it in the car.
  • If you like, you can personalize these Social Stories by adding your own child’s picture (and/or pictures of other family members) to some of the pages.

We hope Spectrum Discovery Saturday is a great experience for you and your child!