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Executive Director

Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center
Executive Director


The Executive Director of the Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center would be required to work closely with the Board of Directors and be a strong and dynamic leader who understands, supports, and promotes the vision of the center. He/She is responsible for implementing the plans and policies authorized by the Board and developing organizational and financial plans and programs. He/She oversees the day-to-day operations of the center.

The Executive Director reports directly to and communicates fully and frequently with the Board of Directors. He/She has the operational authority to carry out the duties and responsibilities assigned by the Board of Directors within the framework of policies, plans, and budget as specified in the center’s by-laws. He/She works with and implements directives issued by the committees of the Board of Directors of the LCDC.

The Executive Director is not a member of the Board of Directors but is accountable to the entire Board through the Board President. He/She is expected to attend Board meetings, fundraising and public relations activities, as well as committee meetings scheduled by the committee chairpersons of the Board of the LCDC.


  • Strong commitment and dedication to the mission and vision of the LCDC
  • Excellent time management
  • Strong skills in interpersonal communication, public speaking, writing, and effective media relations
  • Ability to develop and implement strategic plans and goals for the LCDC
  • Ability to carry out responsibilities with little to no supervision
  • Willingness to work in any area that needs assistance in order to accomplish the work at hand
  • Work well in team environments and individual settings


Resource Development:

  • Actively seek and develop grant opportunities. Manage approved grants to ensure compliance with requirements
  • Engage in all fundraising activities and engage the Board of Directors by setting goals, creating committees, developing strategies, and tracking results
  • Develop relationships with the community to support fundraising, donations, partnerships, and memberships
  • Maintain relationships with the membership to ensure retention and referrals to increase the number of memberships
  • Initiate, manage, and account for fund drives

Day-to-Day Leadership and Management

  • Provide managerial support and direction to the Assistant Director, staff, and volunteers
  • Oversee Assistant Director in the development of a volunteer staffing program, including recruitment, training, motivation, and retention of volunteers
  • Work with and oversee the Assistant Director as he/she provides the majority of day-to-day leadership and management to the center, staff, and volunteers
  • Work with the Board and Assistant Director to assure proper staffing during all open hours

Financial Management and Accounting

  • Work cooperatively with the Board Treasurer and Bookkeeper/Accounting Firm
  • Oversee budget established with and approved by the Board of Directors
  • Strictly management internal controls per the organization’s financial policies and procedures


  • Work with the Board of Directors to ensure consistent, professional, and updated marketing collateral materials
  • Ensure all programs, special events, or new exhibits are advertised
  • Ensure that website is maximized, current, and fully utilized as a marketing and communications tool
  • Develop a working 90-day marketing plan for approval by the Board of Directors
  • Develop and maintain programs to enhance the visibility of the center

Community Relations

  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with various communities, clubs, organizations, schools, media, and the cities served
  • Serve as the center’s spokesperson
  • Position the center as an active team player in community service and downtown revitalization efforts. Work collaboratively with city officials to enhance the center’s reputation and opportunities for support
  • Effectively represent and position the center in successful relationships with local and state government, corporations, foundations, and the public to maintain and enhance community support that will secure the center’s future

Working Relationship with the Board of Directors

  • Inform and educate the Board of the status of the center and activities and bring issues of concern before the Board in a timely manner
  • Carry out plans and policies authorized by the Board
  • Maintain a positive, professional, communicative relationship with the Board, making it a priority to have frequent communication with the President of the Board and bi-weekly communication with the entire Board of Directors

This job description is intended to highlight key expectations and functions of the Executive Director. Due to the level of management, it is understood that He/She will work outside this job description as needed by the organization. It is understood that a leader of this level will be an initiator and a global thinker and will be highly self-motivated.

To apply, please send a resume to our Personnel Committee Chairperson, Ms. Eunice Harris, at

Weekend Party Host

Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center
Weekend Party Host

Starting hourly rate: Minimum $7.75

Seeking individuals who are customer service oriented and enthusiastic who will manage birthday parties on weekends, according to the Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center guidelines and procedures.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The Party Host will:

  • Represent the LCDC and its mission in a professional manner.
  • Be a host/hostess of the LCDC with great enthusiasm and interact with children and adults.
  • Prepare birthday party room, lead the birthday party, act as a liaison for the family during the party, direct the group throughout the time in the party room, and coordinate final payment on the day of the party.
  • This is a part-time position. There is potential to add more hours per weekend as more birthday parties and special events are booked at the LCDC.
  • The Party Host reports to the Executive Director or the LCDC Supervisor on duty.
  • The ideal candidate will have a great appreciation and understanding of our mission, will be passionate about working with children on their birthdays, and will be highly organized, professional, and enthusiastic.

Working Environment/Physical Activities

Interaction with clients may include walking, standing, bending, and stooping.

Essential Knowledge, Skills, and Training

  • The Party Host will be provided with training to conduct birthday parties
  • Preference is given to candidates with experience working with children

Example of Basic Duties

  • Communicate with the LCDC Supervisor on duty and/or Executive Director for specific customer birthday party needs.
  • Setup birthday party room
  • Setup decorations including balloons, tablecloths, goodie bags, craft supplies, paper goods, etc.
  • Greet customers and act as liaison to family
  • Be available for guests at all times in the party room or at front desk
  • Serve food to guests including pizza (if applicable), ice cream, and cake
  • Assist front desk staff with final payment from client on the day of the party and fill out related paperwork for keeping accurate documentation
  • Clean up post birthday party and prepare for next party
  • Enjoy working with children and adults in an interactive role and educational environment

To apply, fill out the form below.


Louisiana Children's Discovery Center
Guest Services and Exhibit Floor Playologist

Starting hourly rate: Minimum $7.75

Job Overview: The Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center is a dynamic, educational setting that provides opportunities for hands-on learning for children age’s toddler-12 and the adults who accompany them. We are a place where curiosity, exploration, creativity, and experimentation are encouraged and nurtured.  Children are our common wealth. The Center will unite our community of children by stimulating their imagination and by encouraging cooperative learning. It is a place where families learn together in creative ways through interaction with real objects.

The definition of playology is the theory of and belief in the importance and power . . . of play. These powers of play make an individual’s life and world a better place, as the power of play is perfect and magnificent to all beings, regardless of age, number of legs or paws, type of fur or hair, ears, teeth, tongue, sex, color, DNA, history or heritage.

Playologists are evolved, free, positive, happy, playful beings, who relate to the world and one another in a universal language of smiles and laughter.

Responsibilities include:

  • Guest assistance – welcoming and checking in at the front desk, cash management, leading large group activities and special events as necessary.
  • Assisting with painting, sculpting, and building a fun environment suitable for children.
  • Actively engaging guests by playing with them in exhibit, answering questions and providing any necessary assistance.
  • Maintaining current exhibits (i.e. monitoring for safety and cleanliness, picking up toys and props).
  • Coordinating and performing day to day Exhibit Zones operations and procedures to insure guests’ satisfaction.
  • Completing opening and closing responsibilities each day for each Exhibit Zone.


  • Applicant must be fun and happy spirited.
  • Must posse creative skills in art and craft techniques preferred.
  • Commitment to and enthusiasm for the mission of the Louisiana Children’s Discovery Center.
  • Competency in multitasking and time management; Possess a can-do work attitude; Detail oriented.
  • Possess a warm, friendly, positive attitude and have plenty of energy.  Ability to work in an active and child-centered play environment. 
  • 1-year experience working with volunteering directly with children in educational or professional setting preferred.
  • 1-year experience in customer service; Committed to excellent customer service and team work.
  • Must be able to work a flexible schedule including weekends.
  • Occasionally be able to lift up 50 pounds.

To apply, fill out the form below.


Louisiana Children's Discovery Center

Starting hourly rate: Minimum $7.75

Reports To:
Director of Operations and Program Managers

Job Purpose:
The purpose of the mascot at the Louisiana Children's Discovery Center is to entertain guests at calendar events such as Piper and Friends Day, Members Only Events, DDD Events, offsite events, and birthday parties.

Duties and Responsibilities

Piper and Friends Day:
The mascot will have to make scheduled appearances throughout the day by making appearances as Piper the Pelican, Ally the Alligator, Hammy the Star, Elmo, and the Cookie Monster. We typically ask that the mascot appear for 30 minutes followed by a 15 minute break when working Piper and Friends Day here inside the Discovery Center.

Members Only and DDD Events:
The mascot will make scheduled appearances throughout these events and we will ask that the mascot appear for 30 minutes with a 15 minute break when indoors and 20 minutes with a 10 minute break when outdoors. Members only events are typically held inside the center and DDD events such as Art in April, Hot August Night, and Starry November Night. It is mandatory that the mascot make appearances at Members Only Events and all DDD events!

Offsite Community Outreach Events:
The mascot will make scheduled appearances at offsite community outreach events and will appear 30 minutes with a 15 minute break when indoors and 20 minutes with a 15 minute break when outdoors.

Offsite Rentals and Birthday Parties:
The mascot will be asked to make appearances for offsite rentals and birthday parties here at the center on occasion. The appearance scheduled for offsite events and rentals is 45 minutes in costume with a 15 minute break when indoors and 30 minutes in costume with a 15 minute break when outdoors. There will be a rental contract signed by both the LCDC and the party purchasing the mascot appearance. The mascot is expected to show up on time to the event and follow the schedule issued to you by the Discovery Center.

While in the costume you should wear comfortable loose fitting clothing (T-shirt and athletic shorts). You should also wear a hand band or bandana to prevent sweat from getting in your eyes. When wearing Piper or Ally the Alligator you should always wear your ice packs. Make sure they are frozen and ready to go before each event.

When taking your scheduled break you should always rehydrate by drinking water or Gatorade (the discovery center will provide). You should make sure these items are purchased in advance and that you have an ice chest with ice ready to go when participating in offsite events.

Appearance Activities:
While serving as mascot you will be asked to participate in certain activities such as dances, limbo, story time, etc. You should always be energetic and enthusiastic! Never talk when in costume and always remember that you are representing the Discovery Center and trying to encourage guests to rent our mascots.

Costume Upkeep/Care:
You are to immediately inform your direct supervisor if the mascot is torn or damaged at any time! After using each costume you should spray the inside with disinfectant and at the end of each day you should wipe down the costume with a damp towel and hang to air dry. Once dry you should spray the inside and outside down with disinfectant. You should put the costumes neatly back in their cases or assigned areas after each use!

The mascot is expected to be energetic, upbeat, and active when they make appearances. The mascot not only represents the LCDC as a whole but also as a service we offer. The better the experience for the guests, the better the chances they will rent our costume for an event or party! Before committing to serving as mascot make sure you are comfortable in the costume and this is something you wouldn't mind doing multiple times per week.

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