Crane Command

Filled with fine and gross motor activities that build coordination and self-confidence, this openframed multi-level “crane” invites kids to transport lightweight foam bricks, collect and move bricks around the construction site using wheelbarrows, raise them to the top floor with a pulley and basket, or dump them down the demolition chute to a bin below. Children can slide down a slide, crawl under the floor and hide out, talk to other kids through PVC plumbing in the walls, turn on an oversized light switch or ring the warning alarm.

Cow & Strawberry

This exhibit has been specifically designed to promote the knowledge and understanding of hand milking a cow for all ages. The strawberry field is designed to encourage kids to plant and pick strawberries along with other fruits and vegetables. A scarecrow with interchangeable outfits watches over the garden.

Tactile Tunnel

Explore a multi-sensory, magical garden that’s designed just for our youngest visitors. Babies and toddlers can crawl into the peeper’s nest, scramble over roots, follow the glass river, crawl through the silo and enjoy the sounds and textures of falling leaves alongside the Bayou. Its features encourage children to explore different environments, tactile and sensory spaces and gross motor skills.

Block Buster

Build a skyscraper as tall as you are or a chair on which you can sit. Use your imagination to conceive an idea… then make it real. Children and adults alike will become architects, physicists, mathematicians and problem solvers in a gallery filled with foam blocks!

Aerobic Alley

This musical dance floor is a colorful, projected interactive floor that allows visitors to move with the light movements. As the visitor moves over the floor, it reacts with light and sound. The more aerobic you are, the more active the show becomes.

The Waterfront

Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp! They are boiled, fried, stuffed, stewed in Creole Sauce and added to Louisiana gumbo and jambalaya. Shrimping has a long history in Louisiana. This kid-sized working pier and shrimp boat are sure to keep them busy working the day’s catch.

Sponsored by Cate Street Seafood Station


Come and see our brand new exhibit, the Flexhibit! Find out exactly how much pressure your bottle rocket needs to defy gravity and blast to the roof! Make the lights light up, the bell sound, or both at the same time in our energy lab! The possibilities are endless!

Energy lab sponsored by Entergy.


The Hammond Emergency Medical Services Ambulance educates visitors about emergency ambulance service to the City of Hammond. When someone calls 911 for a pretend medical emergency, the Hammond EMS role play ambulance sounds its siren and lights up for transporting the patient. The fully-loaded back end will fascinate all ages.

Bubble Stations

A variety of bubble-making components, from bubble wands to giant bubble machines, engage children in open-ended exploration and experimentation. Presented in a carnival-like setting, bubble stations offer children a chance to explore the science of bubbles.

Sponsored by First Guaranty Bank

Creation Station

This versatile art center has plenty of workspace for the young artist and the colorful design provides instant inspiration! Perfect for all kinds of creative activities, the creation station has crayon and brush bins right at hand and ample storage for supplies. The long window acts as the perfect easel for painting on glass. Pedestrians will enjoy the sidewalk art show.

Sponsored by RE/MAX Select - Clay & Paige Relle

Donor Wall

This exhibit encourages interaction for children. It is playful, whimsical, fun and interesting to watch. There are many different levels of opportunity to be a gear sponsor.

Learn more about becoming a sponsor here!

Music Factory

Immigrants from a variety of nations have added their music traditions to Louisiana’s rich cultural blend. It is no exaggeration to say that Louisiana is one of America’s richest sources of traditional ethnic music. This signature exhibit showcases the sounds of Louisiana by encouraging visitors to dance along to their selected song.


The grand, vintage theater is the centerpiece of the performance gallery. The theater includes a center stage with working lights and  curtains, backstage make-up room and seating for the crowds. Lights, camera, action!

Hot Air Balloon

If you simply want to enjoy the experience of flying, there’s nothing quite like it. Many people describe flying in a hot air balloon as one of the most serene, enjoyable activities they’ve ever experienced. This exhibit will give the illusion of flying without leaving the ground.

Construction Zone

Come join the crew! In this "under-contruction" house, kids can panel a wall, connect plumbing fixtures, take measurements and build with blocks on a custom-designed building table featuring recessed lighting and mirrors.

Sponsored by Cretin Townsend Homes

Old Cypress Tree

Half of Louisiana is timbered with an abundance of varied and beautiful trees, however the Cypress was designated a state tree in 1963. The Cypress grows in many areas of the state, particularly swampy areas. The base of the tree and its raised platform house many interesting facts and discoveries for the little visitors. This exhibit encourages quiet interaction and promotes book reading.


A child can work at Middendorf's Restaurant. Learn healthy eating habits and good nutrition. Learn about money by working with a real cash register, scanner and actual products on shelves. Learn how to wait tables.

Sponsored by Middendorf's Restaurant

Rock Wall

Climbing is truly a sport for all ages. This climbing wall for children is perfect for schools as most kids have remarkable strength-to-weight ratios, making them amazing natural climbers. Climbing at a young age helps bolster confidence and gives kids a way to stay fit while still having fun. Unlike many other competitive activities, climbing unites all participants, regardless of their skill level or experience.

Vet Clinic

This exhibit demonstrates a whole new way to view wellness! There are plenty of jobs to go around for our little caretakers. Use animal puppets to talk about feelings and creative ways to manage anger, frustration or loss in the Vet Clinic. See fascinating views of hair, bugs and skin under the microscope. Kids can pull on scrubs and role play with play animals.

Sponsored by Hickory Small Animal Hospital